6 Yoga Asanas You Should Know To Manage Your Diabetes

Yoga Asanas You Should Know To Manage Your Diabetes: High blood sugar levels are a symptom of the dangerous medical illness diabetes. It happens when your body cannot produce or utilize insulin, a hormone created by unique cells in the pancreas known as islets. Type 1 and type 2 diabetes are the two main kinds of the disease. Chronic Type 1 Diabetes is brought on by the pancreas’ insufficient insulin secretion. Those under the age of 30 are affected by this medical ailment. Cells with type 2 diabetes do not react to insulin, a chronic disease. You can go to Hyderabad’s top diabetes hospital to treat any type of diabetes.


Diabetes can be treated in several ways, including with a nutritious diet, prescription medications, and exercises like yoga. Check out below 6 Yoga Asanas You Should Know To Manage Your Diabetes.

The question that now emerges is: Can yoga permanently heal diabetes?

The strength and functionality of the pancreas can both be enhanced by yoga. As a result, assist them in producing an increased quantity and controlling the insulin hormone. However, diabetes can be controlled to a point where no medication is necessary. Even with yoga, it cannot be completely cured.

However, yoga provides several advantages for diabetes patients, as even the greatest hospitals in Hyderabad’s physiotherapy department have stated. These advantages are:

6 Yoga Asanas You Should Know To Manage Your Diabetes:

  1. Dhanurasana:
  2. Vrikshasana:
  3. Halasana:
  4. Ardha Matsyendrasana:
  5. Suryanamaskar or the Sun Salutation:
  6. Corpse Pose:


It makes the pancreas and intestines work better. As a result, it greatly aids in controlling blood sugar levels. As a result, the liver, pancreas, and organs that produce enzymes will work vigorously. Lie on your stomach in Dhanurasana with your feet shoulder-width apart, your arms by your sides, your knees bent, and your ankles immobile. After that, when you breathe in, raise your chest. Pull your legs back and up as well. After that, carefully align your lips with your body’s curve. As you unwind in this position, you are welcome to take long, deep breaths.


It makes it possible to increase the pancreas’s hormone secretion. To do this asana, you must stand upright and maintain your feet close together. Bring your right foot back and maintain it on your left thigh. Make a right angle with your hands, then connect them and bring them to the center of your chest while maintaining the upward-pointing figure. Gradually move your arms up to your head. For roughly 10 seconds, you must maintain this posture while breathing normally. Try to perform the entire process two or three times.


This yoga position stimulates the pancreas and spleen. Additionally, massaging all the inside organs successfully stimulates the immune system. Additionally, it enhances liver and renal function. Stimulates the muscles in the abdomen while simultaneously reviving the intellect. In the yoga position known as halasana, You recline on your back with your hands facing down and your arms by your sides. You must use your core muscles to elevate your feet off the ground while continuing to inhale. Next, extend your legs 90 degrees vertically. Holding this position will allow your body to unwind with each deep breath.

4.Ardha Matsyendrasana:

The kidneys, pancreas, small intestine, etc., can benefit from massage. Additionally, it makes it possible to encourage digestion and remove pollutants. With a focus on the pancreas, it is particularly helpful for diabetics. You can stretch your legs out straight while sitting on the carpet. Next, fold the right leg, keeping the heel in contact with the knee of the left leg.

Spread your palms inside and bring your right hand to the rear of your waist while rotating your trunk. You can then place the left hand next to the right knee and use the left hand to grab the ankle or big toe of the right leg. After then, look straight to the side of the right shoulder while rotating the head and shoulder to the right.

5.Suryanamaskar or the Sun Salutation:

It is one of the most well-known yoga poses and is regularly done by fitness enthusiasts. Given that it is a full-body workout, it has been demonstrated to be a very beneficial kind of exercise for those with diabetes as well. Increasing the body’s metabolic rate by just 15 minutes each morning can significantly impact.

One of the best forms of exercise, yoga aids in the treatment of many illnesses. Try performing all of the yoga poses for diabetes listed above if you have the condition to stay healthy and fit.

6.Corpse Pose:

The final asana in yoga for diabetes is the corpse pose. Any yoga asana may be used to begin, but corpse posture must be used to end. It affects regulating blood pressure, reducing blood sugar, and calming your body and mind. Your body will enter a meditative state as a result, and you won’t be able to feel stressed out. It is also a traditional way to end a yoga session.


For some people, yoga can be a way of life, while for others, it’s a method to maintain their physical and mental wellness. Experts recommend yoga for managing diabetes. Give it a shot if you have doubts, and observe the outcomes yourself.

However, it necessitates total dedication and changes to your way of life. Follow this advice on yoga for diabetes if you are serious about maintaining your health. We hope you get all explain related to 6 Yoga Asanas You Should Know To Manage Your Diabetes from the above article.

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