My Mommy Style Embrace the mom you Are ( 7 Best Ways )

mommy style embrace the mom you are

Hello, Mommies I Know You want to know How to Style like this. So We have written the post My Mommy Style Embrace the mom you are.

My Mommy Style Embrace the mom you are

Every mom should read it at least once. After the pregnancy my mother always likes to hug. But sometimes relation between child and mother gets spoiled due to mothers negligence or carelessness. Mommy style embrace the mom you are it is important for the mom to have a good relation with the child.

It is always said motherhood is blessing from the god, sometimes it could very irritating because mom’s always has sleepless nights. Always busy taking care of the baby and no time for themselves. But mothers will always find it rewarding when seeing child healthy, happy and growing.
Mom’s tend to gain weight after pregnancy and sometimes it gets very difficult to lose weight till time the child is on breastfeed.

Best for the child

The main responsibility of Childs remains with the parents to see child mental and physical development.

  • Embrace the mom style
  • Why Grooming Yourself is important
  • Mom style is bathing the baby
  • What food to eat that strengthens baby’s brain.
  • what are the important things and why mother needs to follow..
  • protecting baby from Diseases
  • Gracefully and beautifully spoken

My Mommy Style Embrace the mom you are ( 7 Best Way )

We have listed here 7 best ways Mommy style embrace the mom you are.

1. Embrace the mom style

Every Mom is different in her own ways of strength and patience. first of all accept your self as a mother and do everything possible that is best for your Childs development. they are lot of articles and books available that advise or give’s you lot tips stating how to be a good mother, but we do not suggest you to follow everything that is written, because sometimes you could too harsh on yourself trying to be a perfect mother.

But make sure you provide everything that is really required for the Childs mental and physical development. In the end its always mother intuition, sense and talent that makes her the mother for the Child.
The greatness of parenting comes from the uniqueness, learn from the mistake that disturbed child’s development.

2. Why Grooming Yourself is important

because it allows you to be most perfect mom from your perception.

Always to talk to different mom’s with whom you can connect your self, also try get all information possible about they raised kids
as you know every mother is different.
it will help you to learn a lot of things from changing diapers, bathing, dressing, breast feeding, nutritious food, communication with child.
But in the end remember it is always you who is best person to decide what needs to done.

3. Mom style is bathing the baby.

When your bathing baby in bathtub makes sure to support the head and neck with your arm, as you are aware babies skin is very delicate. so Clean his face gently with a bathing sponge, make sure soap or bathing gel used while bathing should be kids special.
don’t turn back on your baby not even for second babies can be drowned in few inches of water also.
recommended water level in bathtub for babies is 2 or 3 inches only.

4. What food to eat that strengthens baby’s brain.

It is always said the best food for babies is Mother’s breast milk, so what ever you eat that is going to be consumed by babies thru milk.
but as the baby is growing you should also add some nutritious food that will help mental and physical development of child.
Talk to a Doctor for best possible food, also try to get some idea’s from other mothers who had already gone thru this phase of child.

5. What are the important things and why mother needs to follow.

After embracing your self as a mother, you also need to take care other things apart from baby is yourself.
always try to wear comfortable clothing which should make look good and feel too.
consider wearing Jeans, t shirt and jacket.

do not put stress on legs, avoid wearing high heels, chose flat sneakers and ankle boots.
avoid wearing heavy neckless and bracelet that might hurt baby.
carry a hand bag or backpack that holds everything necessary for baby and yourself.

6. Protecting baby from Diseases.

babies are protected through vaccination against several diseases.
lung infection
small pox
vaccination can be given at clinics, vaccination centers or hospitals.

7. Gracefully and beautifully spoken

When speaking to your parents kindly, you should make your relationship with them pleasant. You should not blame them for their age and should not say such words as “Oh my god!” to them. You should deal with them with mercy and remember how nice it was when they were young to you.

it is extremely important for parents to take care of children physically and to build their brains. The first is physical development and the second is brain development.

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