Can bumping my pregnant belly hurt the baby?

Can bumping my pregnant belly hurt the baby?

Can bumping my pregnant belly hurt the baby?

Whether it is Serious Fall or Just little bump. things you should know when to worry or not.

Many factors make your belly bump prone :-

No need to worry for every time if there is a little bump on tummy or a kick from the baby, it unlikely hurt your toddler. There is actually lot of cushioning between outside of stomach and sac where baby float, Mother nature has created a safe environment for the fetus that floats in amniotic fluid created by baby and amnion in the sac, which is protected by muscles of both uterus and abdomen. Can bumping my pregnant belly hurt the baby?

Protecting Your Pregnant Belly :-

Generally women bodies are not that fragile, there is past history and still in many countries women work in farm’s and factories throughout the pregnancy. Can bumping my pregnant belly hurt the baby? The uterus muscles and amniotic fluid provide cushion and padding that protects the baby.

Is a certain session more dangerous than others? :-

In your first session the fetus is so small, there is actually no risk to them even with a minor bump or a trauma, but it can be fatal if the injury is severe. the threat increase as we move into the next session, because baby and stomach size starts to increase, but still there are very low chance of risk to the baby. Can bumping my pregnant belly hurt the baby? Can bumping my pregnant belly hurt the baby? The third session is quite different as your belly and baby is grown pretty big. so the cushioning from amniotic fluid is little less. this means chances of placenta abruption is very high.

House work :-

Can bumping my pregnant belly hurt the baby? Every girl born is most of the time is called Father’s Princess.. that just metaphor. if your not born royal or some sort kingdom, you have to complete daily errands, Routine course task or your household works. Just trying avoiding belly bumps as much as possible.

Falls and Slip :-

During pregnancy always be little conscious, because these are not the normal days where in if you slip in bathroom or fallen down from staircase. you can just come out with little bruise or a scratch. any serious fall in the bathroom or tumble down the stair, seek medical attention immediately just to avoid any major consequences.

Common abdominal strains :

Heavy lifting can cause major damage or injury for you and also could increase the chance of preterm birth. What heavy lifting means ? it is not always the dumbbells’, barbells or some heavy lifting in GYM. sometimes heavy lifting can be water bucket, grocery or even lifting your younger kid. Can bumping my pregnant belly hurt the baby? Guideline issued from The National institute of Health clear states. How far to have carry How heavy the thing is How frequently the lifting needs to be done. Always make sure you lift light things with a proper tech like keeping you back straight, bending knees and do not raise it over your head.

Getting up using your abdominal muscles :-

If your a type of person who hit’s gym or start running in the morning. now it is the time to change habit it wont make too much harm to the baby but just make things on lighter note. Can bumping my pregnant belly hurt the baby? Continues abdominal strain can worsen the situation of diastasis recti, it could be very difficult to resolve in months, always make sure when ever lying on bed or seating on the couch to go on the standing position, instead of using abs turn to side and push with hand and legs or grab on to something specially when know one if around.

Exercises that use your abdominal muscles :-

Majority of people uses their core when working out, even while focused on upper body and lower body workouts. There are some exercise like crunches, sit ups, which more pressure on the ABS that needs to be stop immediately during 1 session days. even though there is no direct harm to fetus, but its better to avoid such exercise. workouts like Planks, yoga and standing crunches can be performed with doctor’s recommendation.

When you need doctor’s attention ? :-

You should inform doctor immediately if you have directly taken knock on your belly , minor car accident or a direct blow from another person. visit or call a doctor immediately if baby isn’t active as earlier ( kicks or movement ) specially when your lying down in 2nd and 3rd session.

Any form of shock to uterus ( kick or a blow from another adult, minor car accident that hit your belly) can turn into placental this condition placenta move away from wall of the uterus, in some mild cases there might be vaginal bleeding or contraction with no repercussion on the baby, but in severe condition big portion of placenta moves away from uterus wall could cause a major problem for the baby. Can bumping my pregnant belly hurt the baby? In placenta abruption fetus stops getting needed oxygen and nutrient, which can turn into big complication that lead into heavy bleeding or some other complication. immediate treatment is required.

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